live event

June 2021
This B2B event of the pharmaceutical industry for America and the world will be held in Mexico City in June 2021 and will allow your company to have one-on-one meetings over 3 days with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of the industry from different countries. They meet with the aim of showing their products and services in order to add value to the supply chain of major laboratories around the world.
Mexico City hosts the pharmaceutical networking & partnering event that annually brings together more than 150 international companies to promote their products and services in an international environment.
You will be able to request one-on-one appointments, lasting 30 minutes each, with the other participating companies through the Dashboard specially designed for our participants.

In BePharma 2021 you can set up a maximum of 40 one-on-one appointments during the 3 days of the event

B2B meetings

more than

850 companies


from nearly

50 countries


generating more than

10K meetings

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and sanitation measures

During the development of our event our greatest commitment is to ensure that participants feel comfortable and safe in order to conduct their business efficiently.

For this reason we can assure you that we will take, together with the Hotel where our event will take place, every hygiene and sanitation measure necessary to comply with the international protocols of health and social distancing, all of which are essential.

At all times we will provide you with the necessary equipment to protect your health and safety, such as face masks, eye protection and antibacterial gel, in addition to cleaning and disinfecting business lounges, meeting booths, lunch areas, and hotel rooms for your peace of mind.

Our goal will always be to:

  • Guarantee your personal safety
  • Enable social distancing
  • Implement sanitary controls
  • Comply with the health and safety measures outlined above