Early enrollment

Early enrollment period is from October 1st to December 15th , 2020 (effective date is the date of reception of your payment in our bank accounts in the case of electronic wire transfers, or the day of successful charge to your credit card).

Discount for early enrollment

During the period from October 1st to December 15, 2020, with the company profile form completed and payment in full of your participation in the event, you will be eligible for the discount for early enrollment of US$100.00 00 (one hundred dollars, currency of the United States of America) for each person enrolled. In the case of suppliers and service providers, the discount of US$ 100.00 is per company.

Complete registration and full payment

You may submit your company profile and effect full payment from January 1st to Jun 10th , 2020 (effective date is the date of reception of your payment in our bank accounts in the case of electronic wire transfers, or the day of successful charge to your credit card). Once you completed the company profile online and effected payment for all the participants of your company, the following applies:

  • the name of your company will be published on our website (public access section), as well as a short description of your company (pursuant to privacy regulations, no participant names will be published on the events website).
  • From March 15th on, you will have access to the dashboard (login required), where you may consult detailed descriptions of the other participating companies, download the electronic data files provided by each company (should the company have uploaded any), as well as the directory of participants with photographs (in case the participants did provide any and the directory is published).

Appointment Scheduling Period

The period in which you may request, accept, or deny appointments is from March 15th to Jun 11th , 2020. Be aware, the last day to request new appointments will be Jun 11th , 2021. Afterwards the system will not accept further meeting requests. During the following 5 calendar days, that is until June 16th , 2021 however, you may still accept or deny previously requested appointments by third parties. On June 16th , 2021, at 15:00 hrs (UTC-6) the appointment scheduling period will end and the appointment schedule for each individual participant will be processed. Your personal appointment schedule will be available to you approximately 1 week prior to the event.

* Please take note that your personal appointment schedule may suffer slight changes, due to reasons beyond the control of BePharma (cancellations, late enrollments, etc.). However, you will be informed about any changes in real time through our app and may consult any changes in your Dashboard.


From October 1st to December 15th, 2020 (effective date is the date of reception of your payment in our bank accounts in the case of electronic wire transfers, or the day of successful charge to your credit card) full payments (full amount less the early enrollment rebate of US$100.00 per person) are received.

From January 1st to June 10th, 2021 full payments for each registered participant at the event are received, without the application of discounts.

Please note: If BePharma does not receive full payment from your company by Jun 10th , 2021 at the latest, your participation in BePharma will be cancelled automatically (please see also: “Cancellation Policy”).


For cancellations of participants, please see our “Cancellation Policy” in www.bepharma.org

For event cancellations/refusals of admission:

  1. BePharma reserves the right at any time to change the format, participants, content, location and timing or any other aspect of an Event, in each case without liability.
  2. BePharma reserves the right to withdraw any registration after confirmation without liability.
  3. BePharma reserves the right to postpone or cancel an Event without liability at any time for any reason (whether or not due to causes beyond our reasonable control). Where an Event is postponed, your registration will be valid for any re-scheduled edition of that Event (unless we notify you otherwise).
  4. BePharma reserves the right without liability to refuse admission to, or to eject from, the Event, any person in its absolute discretion, including (without limitation) any person who fails to comply with these terms and conditions or who, in the opinion of BePharma, represents a security risk, nuisance or annoyance to the running of the Event. You agree to comply with all reasonable instructions issued by BePharma, the venue owners, security personnel and/or management at the Event.


In compliance with Mexican Law a Digital Tax Receipt (or CFD) will be emitted, also known as “electronic invoice” (digital file extensions *.pdf and *.xml), according to the amount of your payment, within 5 business days of having received your payment in our bank accounts/credit card charge. No printed invoices will be made out and/or sent to the participants. Should you require an invoice prior to making payment, please contact us with your corresponding request. Note: Invoices will be made out only if the corresponding data has been filled out on the company profile. The electronic invoice will be sent to the e-mail provided for this purpose.

Changes in your company information

Should there have been changes in the information of your company provided on the company profile (change of participants, change of company name or any other relevant information) you may make those changes directly upon entering the company dashboard of BePharma 2020. Any increase in participants is subject to authorization and prior payment of the corresponding enrollment fee. Should there be a decrease in number of participants, please refer to our Cancellation Policy.

You may make those changes in the company dashboard up until May 31st, 2021 at the latest. Afterwards, any change should be requested by e-mail to contacto@bepharma.org.

Note: BePharma is not to be held responsible for the veracity and correctness of the information published in the company profiles, since this information is full responsibility of the companies that provide them (third parties).


Subject to the remainder of this paragraph, BePharma and all entities within the ICAIDO Group (as well as any employees or other representatives of the same) excludes all liability for loss, injury or damage to persons or property at the Event. All indemnities, warranties, representations, terms and conditions (whether express or implied) except as set out herein are excluded. BePharma and all entities within the ICAIDO Group (as well as any employees or other representatives of the same) accept no liability for any loss, injury or damage whatsoever that you may suffer in connection with or arising from the Event whether direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential (including, without limitation, loss of profit, loss of business or any other type of economic loss) or otherwise. The limitations and exclusions in this paragraph only apply to the extent permitted by applicable law.

BePharma reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions (without notice) from time to time and you will be subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time that the Event is staged.


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